Beer Label illustrations - 2016
I've been recently working with the Ostecx Creative crew on the birth of the new beer brand "ALEBROWAR".

I did pictures which were used in the design of beer labels brewed by "ALEBROWAR". Each picture is devoted to different kinds of beer:

21. What A Shot West Coast IPA, 2016 
20. Salty Barbara Gose with rhubarb, 2016
19. Roo Ride Session IPA, 2016
18. Imperial Smokey Joe Imperial Whisky Stout, 2016
17. Last Cut American Golden Ale, 2016
16. Be Like A Mitch American Wheat, 2016

Look for them in good liquor stores. Cheers!

Check final product here: Ostecx Créative
22. WHAT A SHOT, 2016
21. SALTY BARBARA Gose with rhubarb, 2016
20. ROO RIDE Session IPA, 2016
19. IMPERIAL SMOKEY JOE Imperial Whisky Stout, 2016
18. LAST CUT American Golden Ale, 2016
17. Be like Mitch American Wheat 2016

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