Beer Label illustrations - 2017 - 2018
I've been recently working with the Ostecx Creative crew on the birth of the new beer brand "ALEBROWAR".

I did pictures which were used in the design of beer labels brewed by "ALEBROWAR". Each picture is devoted to different kinds of beer:

28. Freak Out New England IPA, 2018
27. Fallen God Oatmeal Pale Ale, 2017
26. Pear Time Pear Pale Ale, 2017
25. Not So Scary New England IPA, 2017 | 
24. EL FRUTO Hazy Juicy Double IPA, 2017
23. Shake the World Milkshake Pale Ale, 2017
22. Hula Hop White IPA, 2017

Look for them in good liquor stores. Cheers!

Check final product here: Ostecx Créative
29. FREAK OUT, New England IPA, 2018
28. FALLEN GOD, Oatmeal Pale Ale, 2017
27. PEAR TIME, Pear Pale Ale, 2017
26. EL FRUTO, Hazy Juicy Double IPA, 2017
25. NOT SO SCARY, New England IPA, 2017
24. SHAKE THE WORLD, Milkshake Pale Ale, 2017
23. HULA HOP White IPA, 2017

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